The Life Electric

by P.W.Farrell

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The debut album from Australian bassist P.W.Farrell. Featuring a stellar line-up of Australian talent and all original music infused with PWs unique production aesthetic, this is not your typical 'bass album'.


released May 20, 2011

Carl Morgan - guitar solo (Jester in the Rain)
Andrew McNaughton - trumpet (Confidence)
Mark Henman - drums (Exploder, Inspiration)
Daniel Rorke - tenor sax (Inspiration)
Daniel McGahan - vocals (Driving Home)
P.W.Farrell - all other instruments



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P.W.Farrell Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Driving Home
There’s a bend on the highway driving home
I only see it driving alone….
All the weight of days gone by
Set free in the blink of an eye…
I’m falling, falling.

City lights assault the sky,
Present my life in the dark of night…
I’m calm in a speeding car,
Forgotten dreams of who we are…
I’m falling, falling

Up again and you know this is the sound…..sound of falling (x2)

Faces live there know my name
But if I drifted off this lane
A few might cry, carve my name
But in the end the light remains…..
It’s calling, calling.

My God, the games you play
Use me now, take me away…
I know not when I go
Sow me deep, watch me grow….
I’m falling, falling

Up again and you know this is the sound…..sound of falling (x3)
Up again and you know this is the sound…..The sound of driving home.

(Repeat verse 1,2,4)
Track Name: The Life Electric
I have seen many things and
I have been round the world and
It all falls down when I look at you.

Come over here and tell me
Your name – sincere I will be
Relax angel come and sit with me.

And let it flow…

And while you talk my eyes walk
Your lips so full make it hard
To keep myself from wondering.

Here in this club I have seen
Perfection in skinny jeans
I can’t help whispering to you.

Take me home…

Like most guys I have a type
And you’re the type that feels right
So girl tell me everything you like.

Moments like these don’t come twice
Your lips, your hips… It’s my vice
So let’s see if there’s more that’s nice.

Now we’re alone…

Let’s live the life electric.
We can live the life electric.
(Do your thing, I’ll do my thing)
You just live the life electric.
Let’s live the life electric.

I’ve got a feeling that I’m gonna hit something….
(ba – ba da)
I’m gonna hit something.
I think that something I will hit will be you.

But it’s cool: sent forth from a divine
Creator to share loved and be loved.

And you know I’m not trying to mess with your head.

So if it’s cool, it’s cool. If it’s not, let’s have a drink and talk about life. Ok?
‘Cause I’ve got a hell of a lot of stories and I’ve seen a hell of a lot of stuff…But…
I’m all alone.
Track Name: Inspiration
A song away, you’re only a song away…
All seize the day…
Rise above…
All seize the day…

Nobody to blame but me:
I learned it all so long ago…
I know every prayer. I know every road.
But I never took the right path home.
Now I’m scarred to the bone.

I guess I’m bugging out?
Track Name: Jester in the Rain
Now the sun is shining brighter
Than it ever has before.
If I lay here any longer
Into sleep I will surely fall.

And through my shut eyes I see red.
It’s my blood cells, it’s my all.
As the seventh wave crashes down
Into sleep I slowly drown.

In my dreams I am a knight.
Doing all I can for all.
And I am bold and I am right.
And I heed the maidens call…
I hear her.

And a sparrow wakes me up half way
Between a world of dreams betrayed.
But I cannot wake just yet
‘Cause I’m chasing dreams I can’t forget.

You were there when I was wounded.
As I was trying to save the day.
But I’m no knight, no…
More like a jester in the rain.

You can take my armour now.
I don’t need it anymore.
‘Cause I lost the war, can’t say what I’m fighting for...
Having dreams on Deadman’s Beach of a love I’ve lost before.

I’m not a knight, just a jester in the rain.

And the shadows are dancing now.
They’re laughing at the weary sun.
But darkness melts them all away,
Bows to the sun as they part ways.

As I try to make some sense of this day
And spectres of a dragon I can’t slay...
I’ve never been a hero anyway
Why start now?

‘Cause I am just a jester in the rain
Parading in a costume that I made
To keep a world I don’t fit held at bay
So why change now?

I am just a jester in the rain
With a love that cannot be contained.