Jester in the Rain

from by P.W.Farrell

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This is the 6th track from The Life Electric - the debut album from Australian bassist P.W.Farrell aka Pat Farrell. This track features the incredible Carl Morgan on guitar.


Now the sun is shining brighter
Than it ever has before.
If I lay here any longer
Into sleep I will surely fall.

And through my shut eyes I see red.
It’s my blood cells, it’s my all.
As the seventh wave crashes down
Into sleep I slowly drown.

In my dreams I am a knight.
Doing all I can for all.
And I am bold and I am right.
And I heed the maidens call…
I hear her.

And a sparrow wakes me up half way
Between a world of dreams betrayed.
But I cannot wake just yet
‘Cause I’m chasing dreams I can’t forget.

You were there when I was wounded.
As I was trying to save the day.
But I’m no knight, no…
More like a jester in the rain.

You can take my armour now.
I don’t need it anymore.
‘Cause I lost the war, can’t say what I’m fighting for...
Having dreams on Deadman’s Beach of a love I’ve lost before.

I’m not a knight, just a jester in the rain.

And the shadows are dancing now.
They’re laughing at the weary sun.
But darkness melts them all away,
Bows to the sun as they part ways.

As I try to make some sense of this day
And spectres of a dragon I can’t slay...
I’ve never been a hero anyway
Why start now?

‘Cause I am just a jester in the rain
Parading in a costume that I made
To keep a world I don’t fit held at bay
So why change now?

I am just a jester in the rain
With a love that cannot be contained.


from The Life Electric, released May 20, 2011



all rights reserved


P.W.Farrell Melbourne, Australia

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